Sovereign Cloud Stack

Sovereign Cloud Stack (SCS) is federated cloud technology built entirely with Open Source Software — putting users and providers in control.

Community Blog

Felix Kronlage-Dammers
November 21, 2022

Call for Participation - Sovereign Cloud DevRoom 2023

Eduard Itrich
November 15, 2022

See you in Cologne | Heads up for our first SCS Community Hackathon

Felix Kronlage-Dammers, Kurt Garloff
November 04, 2022

R3 is before R4

Kurt Garloff, Christian Berendt, Felix Kronlage-Dammers
November 01, 2022

Sovereign Cloud Stack Security Advisory Spooky SSL

Eduard Itrich, Bianca Hollery
October 28, 2022

Results of our SCS Community Triathlon – Let's hear it for our participants! 🎉

Eduard Itrich
October 06, 2022

Sign up for our Community Hackathon 2022

Eduard Itrich, Felix Kronlage-Dammers
September 28, 2022

Sovereign Cloud Stack at Gaia-X Hackathon #5

Felix Kronlage-Dammers
September 19, 2022

CloudMon Mini-Hackathon at PCO

Alexander Diab
September 16, 2022

SCS at GXFS Connect 2022

Eduard Itrich, Bianca Hollery
August 18, 2022

Community Triathlon 2022

Mathias Fechner
August 17, 2022

SCS Infrastructure KeylessGo

Tim Beermann, Eduard Itrich
August 16, 2022

Introducing github-manager for consistent repository and organization management

Ramona Beermann
July 14, 2022

Improving and assuring the overall quality of the foundation of SCS

Felix Kronlage-Dammers
July 05, 2022

Lean SCS Operator Coffee

Kurt Garloff
June 27, 2022

SCS als Gast beim diesjährigen Parldigi-Dinner in Bern

Eduard Itrich, Felix Kronlage-Dammers
June 23, 2022

OpenInfra Summit 2022 – Class reunion of our community

Eduard Itrich, Bianca Hollery
June 02, 2022

SCS at the OpenInfra Summit 2022 – Schedule and Community Gathering

Janis Kemper
May 13, 2022

SCS Community Part of Cloud Expo Europe in Frankfurt

Felix Kronlage-Dammers, Eduard Itrich
May 09, 2022

Sovereign Cloud Stack at Cloud Expo Europe and OpenInfra Summit

Eduard Itrich
April 07, 2022

Moving to GitHub Projects

Felix Kronlage-Dammers
March 23, 2022

Future directions - the road towards R3

Dr. Manuela Urban
March 21, 2022

Solidarity with Ukraine - Щодо війни в Україні

Eduard Itrich, Kurt Garloff, Felix Kronlage-Dammers
March 18, 2022

Why digital sovereignty is more than mere legal compliance

Christian Berendt, Kurt Garloff, Felix Kronlage-Dammers
March 07, 2022

Sovereign Cloud Stack Security Advisory dirty pipe

Mathias Fechner, Toens Bueker, Markus Lindenblatt
February 01, 2022

Sovereign Cloud Stack Community Plusserver Environment

Eduard Itrich
December 20, 2021

Looking back at a successful year: Sovereign Cloud Stack Community Summit 2021

Christian Berendt, Kurt Garloff, Felix Kronlage-Dammers
December 13, 2021

Sovereign Cloud Stack Security Advisory log4j

Dr. Manuela Urban, Felix Kronlage-Dammers, Jonas Schäfer, Kurt Garloff
November 25, 2021

SCS: We continue to work on Gaia-X for more digital sovereignty

Eduard Itrich
September 29, 2021

Do you know the secret of sustainable Open Source projects?

Kurt Garloff
September 15, 2020

Some comments on the OVH T-Systems deal