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Incremental efforts - OSISM 7.0.3 released

Felix Kronlage-Dammers May 03, 2024

Incremental efforts

One of the goals of the SCS project is enabling quick minor releases so that improvements and benefits reach the operators as well as their customers faster.

With the Release 6 earlier this year we did note a few known issues that the release contains. On the Infrastructure-as-a-Service layer this were:

Quickly after the initial release OSISM released 7.0.1 that contained a bugfixes for two of these issues:

A plethora of fixes and additions were done since the 7.0.2 release a few weeks ago - as such today 7.0.3 was released by the OSISM team.

OSISM 7.0.3

While OSISM 7.0.3 does not yet bring a fix for the leaking of octavia ports that was reported in OSISM#921 since this is pending some upstream work, it does bring a fix for a bug when creating a fully-populated LB with allowed_cidr.

Alongside this bugfix the next minor release of OSISM brings the following noteworthy items to the table:

This list is by far not complete, a complete list is part of the release notes are available on

Important note: The OpenStack service images for Octavia and Nova have been rebuilt. Upgrades of the Octavia and Nova services are recommended. No upgrades of other OpenStack and associated infrastructure services such as MariaDB or RabbitMQ are required.

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Felix has been building (open source) IT Infrastructure since the late 90s - during high school he helped build and run an ISP specialized in providing UUCP over ssh. Between then and now felix has always been active in various open source development communities (from DarwinPorts, OpenDarwin to OpenBSD and nowadays the Sovereign Cloud Stack). His interests range from monitoring and observability over infrastructure-as-code to building and scaling communities and companies. A technician at heart he enjoys enabling others to do awesome stuff. He is part of the extended board of the OSBA and describes himself as an unix/open source nerd. If not working, doing OSS for fun and (non-)profit or spending time with his family, he is usually found on a road bike.