Sovereign Cloud Stack

Sovereign Cloud Stack (SCS) is cloud technology built entirely with Open Source Software -- as an alternative to propietary cloud technology. Only Open Source guarantees interoperability, transparency and independence from legal claims of third parties and thus from political interference.

By using the modular SCS Software stack, cloud providers can offer Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Container-as-a-Service without depending on other vendors.

SCS is using and standardizing existing and proven Open Source components such as e.g. Kubernetes and does extend them where required. Federated cloud services are enabled this way, and users can leverage distributed cloud services from several SCS operators. European companies thus have options all the way from running it themselves or using one or several service providers and thus have 100% freedom of choice avoiding lock-in effects and dependencies from providers from foreign jurisdictions.

By sharing and documenting best practices for operating such cloud stacks, the difficulty to provide high quality cloud services internally or publicly is vastly reduced.

Our target: Anyone can benefit from the SCS software stack by using it -- and by contributing to the open source code, one will increase the value of Gaia-X.

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GAIA-X – Federated Data Infrastructure

GAIA-X logo

On the digital summit 2019 in Dortmund, the GAIA-X project was launched by the german ministry of economic affairs and energy (BMWi). The goal of Gaia-X is the defintion and the setup of a secure and trustworthy data infrastructure for Europe. One of the defining properties of the targeted solution is the usage of open technologies.

A strong open infrastructure ecosystem is the foundation of digital sovereignty. Quelle: „GAIA-X: Technical Architecture (Release – June, 2020)“

Federal Agency for Disruptive Innovations


The Federal Agency for Disruptive Innovations - SPRIND - based in Leipzig closes a gap in the German innovation landscape: It finds answers to the unsolved technological, ecological and social challenges of our time and at the same time ensures that the added value of the resulting companies and industries remains in Germany and Europe.

The team around director Rafael Laguna de la Vera provides comprehensive support for inventors: SPRIND arranges financing, helps to find a founding team and creates connections to other experts from science and industry. People with groundbreaking ideas, proven expertise and passion are gathered at SPRIND.

One of the first projects supported by SPRIND is the "Sovereign Cloud Stack" project.

SPRIND is not only constantly looking for new, groundbreaking ideas, but is also expanding its network of experts. Further information is available at

Software and Documentation

Software and documentation is available in the repositories on GitHub. For the infrastructure and IaaS Layer (OpenStack), we are building on top of Open Source Infrastructure Manager.

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