Sovereign Cloud Stack

Sovereign Cloud Stack (SCS) is federated cloud technology built entirely with Open Source Software — putting users and providers in control.

Some comments on the OVH T-Systems deal

Kurt Garloff September 15, 2020

SCS is a collaboration of many companies from the industrial and ICT sector as well as public institutions in a GAIA-X working package, tackling the standardization and implementation of a common stack for a cloud- and container platform, providing an option for a sovereign underpinning for higher-level services in the GAIA-X project. It’s relevant for our success that we are using jointly defined standards to overcome the currect fragmentation in the market (outside of hyperscalers) and create a well-established platform that allows customers and developers to freely combine service providers and also exchange them should the need arise.

Two of our SCS partners, OVH and T-Systems, announced yesterday that they will collaborate closely even beyond the joint work in SCS and GAIA-X and the collaboration will cover hardware, data centers, operations and the software stack.

I have been asked how that interacts with SCS and I have reached out to both partners to ensure there is no change in course how they work with us. And there is not.

I really congratulate OVH and T-Systems on this deal! It’s great to see them collaborate even beyond the scope of GAIA-X. It will help those two large providers to gain speed in implementing SCS and in establishing a truly open alternative in the market.