Sovereign Cloud Stack

Sovereign Cloud Stack (SCS) is federated cloud technology built entirely with Open Source Software — putting users and providers in control.

SCS at GXFS Connect 2022

Alexander Diab September 16, 2022

As the new ecosystem manager in the SCS team I take the chance to talk here a little about the GX FS Connect event. The GAIA-X Federation Services (GX FS) under the leadership of eco, the Association of the Internet Industry, are – if you like – SCS’ “sister” project. They are the first two subsidized project by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action embedded in the European GAIA-X initiative.

At Station Berlin participants discussed, presented and demonstrated for one and a half days around the topics of Federations and GAIA-X. Eduard and Manuela from our SCS Team presented the Sovereign Cloud Stack in the form of a pitch.

Manula Urban and Eduard Itrich presenting SCS at GXFS Connect 2022

On various occasions the close relationship between SCS and the GAIA-X Federation Services and their importance as foundation technologies for actual and future digital Federations in Europe was emphasized – for example the fact, that the current GX-FS demo-instance is hosted on a SCS-Containerlayer at pluscloud open.