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Automated Compliance Checks for SCS-Compatible Clouds

Ralf Heiringhoff, Eduard Itrich March 13, 2023

We are excited to announce that we have implemented automated compliance checks for SCS compatible clouds. These checks are currently done via GitHub Actions, and soon we plan to move to the upcoming Zuul infrastructure.

Our compliance checks are organized as certification levels according to the, and we currently maintain one certification level called “scs-compatible”. This certification level is described in the Tests/scs-compatible.yaml file.

The compliance checks are currently in the MVP phase and are being run nightly against several SCS-compatible clouds, including gx-scs, pluscloud open, and Wavestack. The results of these checks are displayed on our GitHub repository in the form of badges, which indicate the compliance status of each cloud.

We hope that our automated compliance checks will encourage more cloud providers to adopt the SCS standards and make it easier for users to choose a cloud provider that is compatible with SCS. We also welcome feedback from the community on how we can improve our compliance checks and make them more useful for everyone.

A brief guide on how to use our test suite can be found in the within the Tests directory of the standards repository. The test suite expects $OS_CLOUD to be defined similar to the cloud name as in your local OpenStack configuration within ~/.config/openstack.

git clone .
cd standards/Tests
docker run -it --env OS_CLOUD="mycloud" -v ~/.config/openstack:/root/.config/openstack:ro scs-compatible.yaml iaas

The Docker image is built on every push to main from the corresponding Dockerfile and automatically published to the GitHub Container Registry.

Stay tuned for more updates on our compliance checks as we continue to improve and expand our automated testing infrastructure!

About the authors

Ralf Heiringhoff
Cloud Architect @ plusserver GmbH
Ralf is an accomplished technology professional with a long-standing passion for the open source community. Throughout his journey, Ralf has evolved from being a specialist in a particular area of technology to becoming a generalist, with a broad understanding of various technologies and their applications. He has been acknowledged for his ability to be able to understand the nuances of different technologies and apply them to solve real-world problems.
Eduard Itrich
After graduating from university, Eduard was part of a software development team and responsible for the release management of a Linux enterprise distribution. Following up his two-year parental leave, during which he orchestrated his twin daughters rather than continuous deployment pipelines, he became the head of digitalization and IT of the medium-sized town Bühl in southwestern Germany. From 2021 until 2023, Eduard empowered the Sovereign Cloud Stack community as Open Source Community Manager and enjoyed learning from a inspiring team and fellows.