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Sovereign Cloud Stack (SCS) is federated cloud technology built entirely with Open Source Software — putting users and providers in control.

Do you know the secret of sustainable Open Source projects?

Eduard Itrich September 29, 2021

We’ll tell you! 🤫

The key to success is a healthy and vivid community…

… and we at Sovereign Cloud Stack are taking this literally! 👟

Our mission: #RunningFreedom

During the week of 2021-09-20 — 26, more than thirty SCS community members participated in this autumn’s Running Days and six different teams internally competed against each other in a 10K race. We’re very proud to have such a passionate community and thank you all for your participation in our first community run.

Everyone of you has performed great and as a community, we have proven that Sovereign Cloud Stack is running both — on the ground and in the cloud. The four fastest times within each team have been summed up to a total running time, which you can find below.

Team Total time
Team Leitwerk #1 03:11:22
Team OSB Alliance 03:57:00
Team Univention 03:59:51
Team Leitwerk #2 04:04:45
Team SCS 05:42:33
Team Leitwerk #3 07:08:12

And the winner is…

We congratulate our winning team from Leitwerk AG, which not only have won the relay run of 4 x 10km, but also gratefully sponsored this event! Shouts out to Christian, Markus, Uwe, Martin and Ivan for their great performance! You really deserved this year’s team cup!

Winning team of #RunningFreedom2021, fLTR: Christian, Markus, Uwe, Martin and Ivan from Leitwerk AG

In addition to the success of Team Leitwerk #1, we also want to congratulate Martin Weschle for the awesome 10K running time of 00:43:58h and Manuela Urban for her great performance of 00:58:40h. Don’t get lazy, winners - the trophies will surely be contested next year! We’re planning more competitions not only limited to running for the future.

Hope to see you very soon!

The #RunningFreedom2021 cups will be awarded during our Community Summit on December 9th, 2021 at the Cloud Expo Europe in Frankfurt/Main. We’ll soon release more details on our first physical community meet-up.