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SCS Release 4 on the horizon

Felix Kronlage-Dammers, Ralf Heiringhoff March 13, 2023

SCS Release 4 on the horizon

For our more active community members, SCS Release 4 has been on the radar for a few weeks now, as it was covered in both the Product Board and our Community Call. Further hints, such as the upgrade note for the gx-scs environment are clear signs, SCS Release 4 is on the horizon ;)

The release date for SCS Release 4 has been set for March 22nd, 2023.

How to help with making this release even better?

One of the best ways to contribute and help ensure that Release 4 is the best version yet is to assist with testing. Another great way is to help with items such as the Release Notes. There is a r4 branch in the release-notes repository with a work-in-progress PR.

About the authors

Felix Kronlage-Dammers
Felix has been building (open source) IT Infrastructure since the late 90s - during high school he helped build and run an ISP specialized in providing UUCP over ssh. Between then and now felix has always been active in various open source development communities (from DarwinPorts, OpenDarwin to OpenBSD and nowadays the Sovereign Cloud Stack). His interests range from monitoring and observability over infrastructure-as-code to building and scaling communities and companies. A technician at heart he enjoys enabling others to do awesome stuff. He is part of the extended board of the OSBA and describes himself as an unix/open source nerd. If not working, doing OSS for fun and (non-)profit or spending time with his family, he is usually found on a road bike.
Ralf Heiringhoff
Cloud Architect @ plusserver GmbH
Ralf is an accomplished technology professional with a long-standing passion for the open source community. Throughout his journey, Ralf has evolved from being a specialist in a particular area of technology to becoming a generalist, with a broad understanding of various technologies and their applications. He has been acknowledged for his ability to be able to understand the nuances of different technologies and apply them to solve real-world problems.