Sovereign Cloud Stack

One platform — standardized, built and operated by many.

Lot 6d

Kubernetes tooling

To be able to develop and deploy container applications to Kubernetes (k8s) clusters, some tooling is required. Standard mechanisms shall be provided for the automated installation of container apps. Tools and workflow automation are required. Application developer also need the ability to collect metrics from the application and thus analyze the application’s performance. In case of errors, these should be traceable across the various layers of the platform.

IaC Tooling

Together with operations colleagues, application developers work together (as DevOps teams) to deploy applications to the (virtual) infrastructure in an automated manner. This happens on a daily basis during test integration runs and somewhat less often to provide new production deployments of the application – this happens using the same automation. The automated management of the (agile) infrastructure with software configuration is called Infrastructure-as-Code and often happens with tools like terraform or ansible. The job of the SCS project is to ensure that these tools work flawlessly on SCS environments. This support needs to be assured via automated test procedures.