Sovereign Cloud Stack

One platform — standardized, built and operated by many.

Lot 6c

Kubernetes tooling: Container Registry / Scanning

The subject of this tender is a framework agreement with a company on programming and other services for developing and integrating open source software to manage container images and security auditing software for the Sovereign Cloud Stack (SCS).

Container image management tools are used by DevOps teams to store the results of build processes and to maintain freely available and curated images. Furthermore, security checks (scans) should be connectable to the registry and appropriate release processes need to be supported. This is exactly what lot 6d intends to work on. Open source software for the management of container images is to be integrated and provided. Provisioning is to be automated and image management is to be documented and automatically tested in compliance with the SCS standards.

The tendered contract contributes to the “Sovereign Cloud Stack - An open, sovereign, federatable infrastructure stack for GAIA-X” project, which is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action.