Sovereign Cloud Stack

One platform — standardized, built and operated by many.

Lot 4


The classical Open Source technologies fo virtualize networks (SDN = Software Defined Networking) find their scalability limit in scenarios where very large dynamic environments are created. Several approaches shall be investigated to push the limits – be it via clever segmentation, using more modern technologies for network virtualization or even using standardized ways to control hardware based technologies. An option to encrypt all internal network traffic shall be created – while avoiding too drastic performance penalties. The interconnectivity topic deals with network connections between clouds. The default for this are encrypted tunnels via the internet (think VPN via IPsec or Wireguard). These should be implemented first and be universally available. There is a Gaia-X Work Package working on standardizing interfaces to manage private connections between sites offered by the network operators. Using and controlling them shall be enabled in SCS.