Sovereign Cloud Stack

One platform — standardized, built and operated by many.

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Ops Best Practice Knowledge Base

During the project phase, SCS infrastructure is being continuously tested, including the release and upgrade process. Experience is being built up, part of an significant learning process. This process needs to be documented to enable the companies participating in SCS deployments to collect experience in operational processes and the peculiartities of the used platform. To ensure that not each operator needs to start from scratch, the SCS projects does build a network of the participating companies and creates incentives and helps to collect the built up experience and make it available in a structured manner. This includes creating a knowledge base (wiki like) as well as actively managing relevant online forums and social collaboration tools. It also includes organizing events on which such knowledge exchange happens. Support for good postprocessing of issues (often in form of a root cause analysis) will be granted and the learnings are recorded. Systematically managing knowledge is a key success factor for addressing the operational challenges and is something the SCS project needs to invest significant energy into the managemant and organization.

CSP transparency

Issues are to be expected from time to time in a highly dynamic cloud/container infrastructure. It is crucial for providers to carefully record, document and postprocess them, to perform suitable actions/changes that will almost exclude similar problems. For this, root cause analyses are performed and improvement actions derived, tested and implemented. The SCS projects supports the providers in doing so. These analysis and improvements shall be made transparent to users and partners as far as possible. By doing so, users can find good reasons to trust the provider. Partners can learn and avoid similar issues. Investments into quality will be motivated by the created transparency. The SCS projects wants to coordinate the process. SCS wants to centrally monitor the availability of SCS partner platforms and make it transparent.Part of the job is list the functional and non- functional properties of the infrastructure and make it transparent, especially via Gaia-X Self-Descriptions. The work is to be performed in collaboration with the relevant Gaia-X groups of course.