Sovereign Cloud Stack

One platform — standardized, built and operated by many.

Lot 12

Cloud/Containerplatform Health Monitoring

The subject of the invitation to tender is a framework agreement with a company for programming and other services for the development, documentation, validation integration and initially also operation of open source software to automatically check and monitor the availability, responsiveness and correct functioning of Sovereign Cloud Stack environments.

The continuous checking and monitoring of the platform allows to detect and observe anomalies in the platform behavior, especially when changes are being applied to the platform (e.g. by updates). With the OpenStack Health Monitor, a blueprint already exists for the IaaS reference implementation of Sovereign Cloud Stack and shows how such checking in form of blackbox monitoring could look like.

The focus of this tender lot is to use this blueprint as well as other already evaluated approaches to create a tool set that is modular and can be well-maintained to perform behavior-driven monitoring using scenario testing approaches. The first step would be to cover the IaaS layer. The architecture however should enable covering other layers as well, last not least using container workloads to monitor the container layer.