Sovereign Cloud Stack

One platform — standardized, built and operated by many.

With its Accelerate program, Syself follows a holistic approach to building European and sovereign cloud infrastructure. Syself targets both start-ups, where everything has to be built from scratch, as well as established companies having to modernize their infrastructure. Syself builds Kubernetes clusters managed by Cluster API. The focus lies on effectively managing both clusters and containerized applications (CI/CD, GitOps with Helm/Helmfile).


Setting up production-ready & SCS-compliant Kubernetes clusters with Cluster API on European infrastructure. The clusters, as well as the applications, can be managed efficiently with Helm/Helmfile and a GitOps approach.


As we introduce some processes and tools that are not standard for most companies (Cluster API, Helm, Helmfile, etc.), training the team is a huge part of our work. We make sure that our clients are able to run and manage their infrastructure on their own.


We give support on the topics security in Kubernetes, efficiently managing Kubernetes clusters, and building SCS-compliant infrastructure.


Our focus lies on efficient processes for managing day-1 and day-2 of SCS-based Kubernetes clusters. We primarily use GitOps strategies for this.


We offer consulting for our open-source projects, as well as for building SCS-compliant clouds. Open-Source is at the core of both Syself and SCS and we are always happy to support companies on their way to an open-source strategy.