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Community Triathlon 2022

Eduard Itrich, Bianca Hollery 18. August 2022


remember when we gathered for a Community Run last year? More than thirty members of our community competed in a 10K race during the autumn’s Running Days. We have proven that Sovereign Cloud Stack is running both — on the ground and in the cloud. Thank you for participating in this first athletic event within our community!

It’s that time again!

Yes, exactly – it’s happening again! We kindly invite you to participate in our upcoming Community Triathlon this year. Let’s prove once again that we not only perform exceptionally well as technical squads, but also as sports teams.

The triathlon

Our triathlon will take place from October 1 to October 10. During this time, the competing teams engage in the disciplines of running, swimming and cycling. Each team must consist of at least three people. The best time in each discipline will be counted towards the team’s overall time.


Run 10 kilometers in one go


Swim 1.5 kilometer in one go


Cycle 40 kilometers in one go

You can choose which of the disciplines you like most and how you want to distribute them among your team. However, each person may only check in one result for your team’s overall score.

Our event is a distributed event. Thus, you can run, swim or cycle wherever you prefer, or – if you’re up to – your team can compete together in the various disciplines.

Individual rankings and other disciplines

As we did last year, we will again honor your individual performance in the disciplines of running, swimming and/or cycling. In addition, there will be a special classification in the discipline of walking.


Walk 30 kilometers in one go

Get your swag and sign up

Like last year there will be shirts for our participants. Sign up now for our Community Triathlon, availability of our goodies package is limited. We would like to thank B1 Systems GmbH and Univention GmbH for making the shirts possible this year!

Sign up

Contact us

If you need any further information, please contact Eduard or Bianca – they’ll be happy to help you.