Sovereign Cloud Stack

Sovereign Cloud Stack (SCS) ist eine offene, föderierbare und modulare Cloud- und Containerplattform auf Basis von Open-Source-Software.

Moving to GitHub Projects

Eduard Itrich 7. April 2022


we’ve had a great time planning our third release with Wekan, but now it’s time to say goodbye and break apart. 💔

It’s not your fault, Wekan – but we need to lower the bar informing about or contributing to SCS. A repeated criticism during the past team’s retrospectives was the fragmentation of the tools we use within our community. You’re all absolutely right and we urgently have to fix this.

For this reason, we decided to give GitHub’s new projects experience a try and bundle our developing efforts on one single platform. This provides our contributors and guests with a single point of entry and at the same time enhances the transparency and accessibility of our project.

GitHub Projects

The new projects experience is still considered beta, but proves to be quite stable in our tests. Check out the documentation for further information on how to use this new feature.

Our release planning board can be found on the top organization level and can be reached via the “Projects” tab. The “Sovereign Cloud Stack R3” project is publicly available and can be modified by every member of our Sovereign Cloud Stack organization.

Reactivating the issues repository

Technically, every item in a GitHub project is an issue in one of the organization’s repositories. Should an user story not be directly assignable to one of our code repositories, we decided to use the issues repository for this.

To keep track in our new board, we have created different labels. This allows us to use view filters and, in the future, to automate workflows.

Due to Tim’s efforts we can easily manage these labels in a git repository and apply them to all of our repositories. Thank you very much for this contribution!

In addition, we have created several issue templates to help you create new issues. The template for new user stories has been extended by a first draft for a common Definition of Ready (DoR) and Definition of Done (DoD). Feel free to open pull requests against this template if you think that we’ve missed an important item in these lists.


Please consider the following steps while creating a new user story for R3:

Have a look at our first user story for R3 and feel free to use it as a blueprint for all of your great ideas. We’ll be using the team meetings during the next weeks to have a look at the unfinished user stories in our Wekan and move them manually to GitHub. We have consciously decided against an automatic transfer, in order to use this opportunity to check the old user stories again and to refine them if necessary. We are looking forward to the upcoming sessions with you!