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Thank you for being part of our first SCS Community Hackathon

Eduard Itrich 25. November 2022


we’re still overwhelmed by the impressions of our first Community Hackathon. Thank you so much for spending an amazing day with us in Cologne and making a significant contribution to the success of this event.

First of all, we would like to thank PlusServer for making this day possible. Shout out to Saskia, Lidia, Stephan and all involved teams. You did a great job and we’re more than happy to have you in our community!


For the first Community Hackathon, we decided to adopt an open space approach. You all contributed excellent proposals – both for engineers as well as non-engineers.

In changing groups, the following topics have been addressed:

We will persist all results of the different working streams within our public minutes repository on GitHub.


After so many months of virtual collaboration, it was amazingly rewarding to be able to discuss, to work with you, and to push many important topics. We all agreed that we definitely have to organize this format more frequently, and we will!

Your feedback is important so that we can continuously improve. Did you enjoy our first Community Hackathon. What shall we repeat and what can be improved? Let us know so that the next Community Hackathon will be a second blast! Please contribute to this survey — even if you didn’t attend this event. What have been the reasons for you not signing up for this event. Can we improve for next time?


As you all know: After the Hackathon is before the next Hackathon! We are looking forward to welcoming you next year in Nuremberg to our second Community Hackathon, which will be hosted by OSISM, noris network and Wavecon.

Join us next year in Nuremberg for our second Community Hackathon!

We will soon reveal more details are looking forward to the next great Hack’n’fun!

Über den Autor

Eduard Itrich
Eduard is an open source community manager currently empowering the Sovereign Cloud Stack community at the OSB Alliance (Open Source Business Alliance). After graduating from university, he was part of a software development team and responsible for the release management of a Linux enterprise distribution. Following up his two-year parental leave, during which he orchestrated his twin daughters rather than continuous deployment pipelines, he became the head of digitalization and IT of the medium-sized town Bühl in southwestern Germany.