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See you in Cologne | Heads up for our first SCS Community Hackathon

Eduard Itrich 15. November 2022


with only one week left until we finally meet in Cologne for our first SCS Community Hackathon, I want to highlight some of the organizational details for this event.


The Community Hackathon will take place on Tuesday, 2022-11-22 from 13:00 CET until 21:00 CET.


The location is kindly provided by plusserver. We’ll meet at Welserstraße 14, 51149 Köln ( The venue will be accessible from 09:00 CET. We have no hard limit for the end of the Hackathon, but we’d like to spent an unofficial evening with you downtown and end the day together in a bar.


Every contribution is welcome and worth bringing in. Just like a puzzle - all the little pieces make up a great picture.

The Community Hackathon is what you make it. Please contribute to our open agenda and invite your friends to tackle a specific topic. Don’t hesitate to propose a working stream and raise your voice for the domain that matters to you. You want to gather for fostering our knowledge base and peer-think about how to maintain a good documentation? Propose it for our agenda! You’re interested in creating a strong ecosystem around SCS? Draft a working session and get us around the table!

Feel free to add your proposal to this pad and don’t hesitate to reach out on Matrix or via this mailing list in order to find fellows.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to ultimately commit to one working session. We will follow the Law of Two Feet that states:

If, during the course of the gathering, any person finds themselves in a situation where they are neither learning nor contributing, they can go to some more productive place.

The basic time frame of the day will be as follows:

Health and safety

Please test yourself before you join us during the Hackathon. We will not control the test results, but trust in your awareness to create a safe event for our community. Wearing masks during the event is optional. However, during the guided data center tour wearing a FFP2 mask is mandatory. We will provide test kits and FFP2 masks at the venue in case you forgot something to bring along.

Virtual attendance

We are aware that not everyone is able or wants to attend this physical meetup. If you still want to participate in the Community Hackathon, you are welcome to join our channel on Matrix. Please contact the working stream organizers directly if you want to participate in one of the proposed sessions. We will surely find a way to onboard you to the hack’n’fun.

Food and beverages

We thank plusserver, who will provide us with enough food and drinks on this day. We’ll definitely make sure that no one must leave hungry. 😉

Social Media

Please help us to spread the word about this great event and make the public aware of the awesome momentum within our community. You can use the above banner for your social media accounts or posts to raise awareness about your participation among your audience. Don’t forget to tag your posts with #SCSCH2022 and leave a mention for @Sovereign Cloud Stack,, and/or @scs_osballiance. Thank you!

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you should have any other questions or feedback. We are already looking forward to welcoming you next week!

See you in Cologne!

Über den Autor

Eduard Itrich
After graduating from university, Eduard was part of a software development team and responsible for the release management of a Linux enterprise distribution. Following up his two-year parental leave, during which he orchestrated his twin daughters rather than continuous deployment pipelines, he became the head of digitalization and IT of the medium-sized town Bühl in southwestern Germany. From 2021 until 2023, Eduard empowered the Sovereign Cloud Stack community as Open Source Community Manager and enjoyed learning from a inspiring team and fellows.