SCS Knowledge Management Engineer

The Sovereign Cloud Stack (SCS) Project is aiming to define a complete, modular, secure, open-source software stack covering software-defined storage and networking, operations tooling for automated deployment, logging, monitoring, alerting, trending, identity and authorization management, an Infrastructure-as-a-Service layer, as well as Container(Platform)-as-a-Service layer. The latter should allow users (development teams) to create and control their own kubernetes cluster through standardized APIs and should deliver standard building blocks used to construct and manage container applications. The thus defined stack fulfills high security standards and comes with tooling and documentation that reduces the amount of specialized expertise required to run complex cloud and container infrastructure.

The project is contributing to the GAIA-X effort, enhancing GAIA-X with an implementation that node-providers can leverage as a whole or in parts to deliver federated sovereign infrastructure, underpinning a sovereign data ecosystem. The project is driven by a small team in the OSB Alliance with funding from the German Ministry for Economy and Energy (BMWi). This job offering is for hiring into this team. In addition to this team there are numerous engineers from various companies contributing to the project -- some of them paid through the project funding, some of them because their employer is interested in making this project successful.

The SCS Project is looking for a Knowledge Management Engineer. We aim to fill this position by Mar 1, 2021. We have secured funding until the end of Aug, 2024 but have ideas how we can sustain the project along with key roles beyond 2024.

In this role, you will

  • be part of a small central team that orchestrates the efforts to define, implement and validate (CI/CD) a stack of open source software
  • orchestrate a cross-cultural and cross-company team of engineers that contribute to the effort
  • work intensely with upstream communities and downstream providers
  • create relationships, structure and technology to capture the experience that exists and that is being build up in the process of developing and using SCS
  • support the process of creating a culture that allows for sharing such experience, last not least also creating transparency when operational issues happen
  • design processes that allow to tap into the knowledge of otherwise not involved individuals and leverage this to document knowledge and/or have input for quality assurance and improvement of documentation
  • support the process to get the collected experience in a usable and structured format
  • design and implement the technical processes to ensure the information is accessible and can be found and used

We expect that you

  • have a good overview over open source system software technology
  • have hands-on experience with structuring technical documentation and knowledge management systems
  • know how to work with knowledgable individuals to efficiently extract and document information
  • have been in roles where you had responsibility for designing documentation or publications and ideally had leadership roles for teams that were tasked with such responsibilities
  • have worked with open source communities with diverse background
  • understand agile development methodologies
  • are willing and able to present processes and technology on stage or in meetings

We offer

  • working in an open and inspiring environment, interacting with highly-skilled and driven individuals from the project, the partners and the relevant open-source communities
  • contributing to a project that will make a difference by being instrumental for a vivid ecosystem of federated infrastructure providers in Europe and beyond
  • being a key part of a new project
  • working on cutting-edge open source infrastructure technology
  • getting visibility by presenting the project to stakeholders and to the public on technology conferences
  • an adequate compensation package

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